Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Filth of the Shiites is spreading...‏

In the name of Allah Most High

Some of you might have heard and some watched the recent rampage of the Shias in Madinah. Buses of shias entered Madinah from Qateef (eastern part of Saudi and their stronghold)

Tramping graves in Baqee, desecrating graves, marching, screaming, slandering Umar and the sahaaba outside Baqee, inciting the guards to fight (who held back as they were few compared to the shias), cursing and then marching towards the Haram shouting, throwing bottles etc at the musalees who came out of the Masjid, shouting slanders at the sahaaba and sunni muslims, began fighting with musalees and then began to flee when sunni muslims (saudis, bengalis, (some) pakistanis, indians, sudanese, egyptians etc) - began fighting them back!!

A video of their rampage in Madinah

What their ulama have said concerning it

After this their "ulama" like Shirazi and Yasir Habib and others have been calling for the eastern region to rise up and revolt and claim independace from Saudi... Yasir Habib the Devil (and i say this knowing what im saying, he is the individual who has clearly stated that he makes it a duty to curse Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman and Asiha in every salaah) was in London recntly to protest outside the Saudi Embassy - Called for revolt/ destruction of Wahaabis/ building of shrines in Madinah and said no more will we ask you, but now we will do as we please - and no one can stop us!

Amar Nakshawani, one of their big boys in the UK, said the days of Taqiyah are over, we are in power everywhere - we need to free Madinah and the Prophet (saw) from this strangeness that they are living - our Imaams in Baqee are strangers, they need us to be there, in charge.

Allahul Mustaan!!

Is it not time to raise these issues in the minds of the awaam - to make it clear to them that the sunnis are one deen and the shiites on another and that there can be no way we can at all cooperate with shiites when they actively practise these evil actions.

But thhis event is part of a much larger paradigm shift.....

Shiites are becoming increasingly belligerent and becoming more and more aggressive in spreading their dawah. Over the last 2weeks I have heard from 2 separate people how someone they know has become a shiite. SubhanAllah. May Allah make us all firm upon the sunnah and protect us from misguidance.

What I have also noticed increasingly since the attack on Gaza is that more and more people show empathy towards the shiite. There seems to be a buy-in to their political standpoint irrespective of their religious beliefs. More and more people say with pride how Iran and Hezbushaitaan are perceived to be standing up to Israel. The armchair politician points at the perceived lack of response, belligerency and strength among the "sunni" states.

A few brothers have said to me that Iran is the real muslim power in the middle east. The Gaza war seems to have really impacted people. We must detach (in peoples minds) the political positioning of arab governments from the religious ideology in the country, especially places like Egypt, Lebanon amongst others. And we must continue to warn and remind our brothers and sisters what the shiite stand for.

If we stay inactive on this... we're in troub;e.

"Glory to be Allah who loved Abu Bakr and Umar so much, that he created a nation of millions that would curse them and thus give them their rewards until the Day of Judgement!"

- ibn Taymiyyah (ra)

SubhanAllah, the state of our deen.... Wasalaamu alaykum warahmatallah wabarakatuu.


  1. Ahh jealousy...

  2. idiot! learn your facts first then talk! It was the najdi wahabi dogs who attacked the shia pilgrims! you expect them to sit back and take it?? four shias were KILLED because of this fitna that you support!

    why would shias desecrate the graves of baqee? Holy Personalities (AS) are buried there, you fool!

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