Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Reality of a Fake Peer's Kashf Exposed

Those people who claim that the peer knows everything are holding firm to an ignorant and nonsensical belief. In our province of Partabgarh in India, a fake peer who was a deceitful fraud once visited us. He used to claim that he could tell the people about whatever was in their stomachs. He had some jinns under his control, and the jinns would inform him as to what the people had eaten. In this manner, many ignorant people began to believe in him and start to visit him. He would neither offer Salah nor keep fasts, nor encourage others to do so.

There was one buzurg, Baba Najmul Hasan who was a Majaze-Suhbat(1) of Maulana Thanwi. He personally told me that he sent a person to this fake peer. He said, ‘I told him to say to the peer in front of all of his mureeds, ‘I have heard that you are able to inform people what they have eaten. I want to put you to the test. Tell me the exact time that you will excrete that stool that is in your stomach! In other words, when is the exact second that you will defecate? I will spend the night here and in the morning I will check the time as to whether or not it conforms to that which you have claimed!

The fake peer thought to himself, ‘If I tell these people the exact time and I do not defecate accordingly then I will be disgraced. If on the other hand I take a laxative then I will end up going before mentioned time.’ He then said, ‘You are a wahabi! Leave from here!’ So when his disciples saw that he was unable to give a reasonable answer they all fled from there. In this way, Partabgarh was saved from the mischief of this fake peer.

1 Majaz-e-Suhbat: The one who is granted the permission by a Shaikh to conduct gatherings pertaining to spiritual reformation

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