Sunday, 8 February 2009

Aadaabul Muaasharaat (Etiquettes of Social Life)

Aadaab of Salaam(Greeting)

* Adopt the practice of mutual Salaam. Upon meeting a muslim say 'Assalaamu Alaikum'. In reply say, 'Wa 'alaykumus Salaam'. All other ways are baseless.

* When a person converys the Salaam from another to you reply, 'Alayhim Wa Alaykumus Salaam'.

* One person from a group, making Salaam will be representative of the whole group. His Salaam will be adequate on behalf of the group.

*The one who begins the Salam obtains greater reward.

*When replying to the Salaam of a person, the Salaam should be made verbally, not by a sign of the hand or a nod of the head.

*It is Wajib to reply to the Salaam (in normal situations)

*A person who is engaged in a conversation or in some work, should not be greeted.

*It is not permissible to bow and make Salaam.

*When answering the call of nature, neither reply to anyones Salaam nor offer Salaam.

*On promising to convery someones Salaam, it becomes Waajib to do so, otherwise not.

*When making Salaam to elders, adopt a low voice. Do not express yourself in such term which conveys arrogance or disrespect.

By Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (r.a)

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